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    Ok basically, A friend of mine has 3 laptops in her local area network, and she wants all her contacts, messages in her inbox, and outbox to be synced onto every computer... anyone got any idea how to do this? Thanks.



    I believe your friend will need to buy some software to do this (£23) :-

    [CENTER]OsaSync is the ultimate solution to synchronize Outlook® content between multiple computers![/CENTER]
    [SIZE=4]With OsaSync PRO you can:[/SIZE]

    [*] Share or synchronize Outlook® contacts with one or more other computers on your network or via FTP. Every change you make to a shared contact is automatically reflected in the contact on the other computer(s). Synchronization happens automatically, no action by you is required. Just connecting your computer to the network (for instance in case of a laptop) or the internet (in case of synchronizing via FTP) and starting Outlook® is enough to have OsaSync process all the changes.
    [*]Share or synchronize appointments. Maintain a common synchronized calendar in your office. Find out where your colleague is without having to start Outlook® on his/her computer.
    Keep track of your common appointments together with your family members while other appointments are private, all in the same calendar folder.
    [*]Share or synchronize tasks.
    [*]Synchronize email folders. Store received e-mails of common interest in a synced folder and it will show up in the same folder on your coworkers computers. If you sync the Inbox and Sent Items folders all incoming and outgoing e-mail will be synced.
    ]Read details on how OsaSync handles e-mail syncing...
    [*]Synchronize notes.
    [*]OsaSync can be configured in Client-Server mode or in Peer-to-Peer mode.
    In Peer-to-Peer mode each computer is equal so you don't need a central server computer.

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    ahh nuts
    any idea if there's any open source software similar to that?



    ahh nutsany idea if there's any open source software similar to that?

    couldnt find anything via google. why not just use an online web service like googlemail.

    if you are using individual user profiles/log on access, when you log on to the computers with your un and pw your profile will load with all your settings and software including outlook contacts. if you just want to have a regular LAN with the same software on all of them... you may have difficulty.

    However, outlook uses a .pst archive file, im sure if you tried changing the location of this file to a shared location and logged onto all threee machines and opened 3 instances of outlook each usinng this file it may work... you'll have to experiment
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