Syrian Hamsters- advice needed PLEASE!!

    I have just had a boy and girl Syrian Hamster from Pets at Home.

    The girl is full of energy on the wheel all night runs through all the tubes and loves going in the playpen.
    I know 2 hamsters are not the same but George (the boy) has NO ENERGY whatsoever.He just wants to lie in his bed and has been there for 2 days.
    I have just taken him out and put him in the playpen and he just cannot be bothered.He has a little walk round and through a tube but then thats his lot.
    He also smells.Im wondering if this is because he has been in his bed for 2 days.Should i go clean his section out even though it was done 3 days ago?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.PLEASE xx


    Sounds like a typical male.

    pets at home are terrible for pets imho the sexes are prob wrong, keep your eye on them their animals tend to get ill a lot

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    Sounds like a typical male.

    True! (_;)

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    Yes he sleeps day and night...he just has no energy.I have the biggest hamster set up they could of dreamed of!!! He just isnt interested!

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    He walks slow aswell whereas the other races around likes shes on something....

    There not in the same cage are they? as syrian hamsters are meant to be kept alone, its the dwarf ones you can keep in pairs/groups.

    Give pets at home a ring and see what they say about him? they might check him over..
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    I've had countless hamsters as a kid.
    If he is acting like this I would advise to get a play ball (gladiator style) and let him have a run around a room on his own without larger animals around. Can also change diet. Dried food is good but try to offer fresh fruit and veg with fresh water (every day or twist a day if they are messy) .
    Handle him and give individual attention.
    If he's still like it after a few days of change take to a blue cross etc, may be something wrong.


    could be he hasn't settled in yet, leave him alone for a couple of days and see if any change in him

    Have you tried feeding it a Mars bar?

    Where is aah96 when you need her!
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