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Ok, i think beause iv left the comp on all night with MSN, a bloomin virus has got thru !!
so im gona have to do a scan....
This was thru AVG aswell, doesn anyone know of a free download of System Mechanic ?



Your kidding right? Leaving MSN up all night will not allow a virus through so *if* you have a virus it is because a dodgy link or a dodgy app has allowed it.

Is system mechanic not just a tool for repairing registry's and removing unwanted/unused applications?

If indeed you do have a virus, your first port of call is to identify which virus you do have.

With regards to System Mechanic, it is not a free application so it is unlikely that you will find a free download of it. However im sure with research you may find an alternative method


I would really recommend Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.

I have delt with loads of computers with AV2009 virus and this delt with them no problem,
If you go to [url][/url] and type in Anti-Malware 1.30.
Its free for what you need it for.

What makes you think you need a system mechanic

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Its one of those viruses.....
on msn it sends the person your speaking to a message from myself and a link !! so when that person clicks on the link....thinking it was from me...they get a virus

ok i know the type of virus ur on about, they are a pain huh! Gimme a few mins whilst i do some research. In the meantime do you know what link it is trying to send to others? Dont paste the url here just give the name of the url if you get what i mean, or just pm me the link


Edit: Ideally you will need to ensure AVG is fully updated then run a full scan and it should give a name for the virus, there is different removal for different virus so its difficult to give a generic answer

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Thats a thing, the update manager isnt working, it keeps saying an error when it goes to update

yeh ill post you the link i have it somewhere

EDIT nah i dont have the link !!…php

looks promising, whilst i have not used this site before it looks legit enough and i think i would be tempted to try it and see if it works, take a look for yourself though


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Yeh mate, just downloaded it......altho when i ran the program it never found any viruses.....

now i know there is a virus so how can it say there isnt hmmmmm !!! lol…510

The last post points to another removal tool (the user is a power user with 800 odd posts so legit i imagine) The side effect of that tool is the setting of the home page but you can change that with ease back to normal.

try that?


Edit, link in that forum not working, blah, im on it though....

download avast and scan your pc wheile turning it off....... it searches the hidden files that way
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