System using 100% of the disk usage randomly.

Found 1st Feb 2014
Have had this problem for months now and have searched the internet and can't find a solution that works. Wondering if anyone has the same problem and knows how to fix it?

Basically at some point using the computer, at random it will start accessing the hard disk at 100%, this makes the computer pretty much unusable until it stops doing it, which is sometimes a few minutes, sometimes 15 or more. Sometimes it will appear to have stopped, only to start again 30 seconds later.

It's listed in Task Manager as "System" being the culprit, 100% maxxed out disk usage.

Anyone know please?
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Just checked and the other one that's causing a problem now is Service Host: Local System (Network Restricted) 8
It's not the Windows update problem again is it? If you haven't already done so try turning the Windows Automatic Updates setting to off.

Microsoft messed up with an update again before Xmas and it's caused mega problems with updates getting stuck and using 100% cpu usage.
Do you have Amazon cloud player or Amazon Music Helper? These were causing my pc to max out cpu usage and overheat - uninstalled them and now it's fine again.
I've started having this problem too, almost posted about it yesterday as well. What intrigued me though was the service using the most disk space, was using 0.4MB at most but, generally 0.2MB o.O.

Had no end of problems since updating to 8.1 actually. Is that what you're on?
Try this solution.


It would seem a common problem.
Yeah I changed virtual memory setting before, made no difference. As for early replies, thanks but it's disk usage not CPU usage. Don't have that Amazon stuff.
I have seen this where two antivirus software packages have been installed on a system by accident and they are fighting over who can scan files
You should try treesize and run a scan on the disk to see where all of your space is being eaten up. It's a free download and scans all folders you have access too letting you filter down into each sub directory.

Follow the guide, you may find it is SuperFetch or another service that is hogging.
On Win7 or Win8, you can use the task manager -> performance -> resource monitor - to see the actual files being read/written. As others have suggested, its probably a background update.
Yes, if you are not an advanced user you are going to struggle with this... I can assist you with this... either via TeamViewer or Via Emails.... I'm very advanced when it comes to PCs and help a lot of people and fix computers etc...

PM me if you wish and we shall take it from there... but the first thing you need to do is download CCleaner , find out whats starting up with Windows.. secondly disable this service... "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service" which is actually the MAIN culprit in many instances.

To truly know what the issue is.. I would need to speak with you more so I can guide you through the process.... feel free to PM me and Ill get it sorted for you because I realize and know how frustrating this issue can be for users.

But you might be able to say VIOLA when you disable "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service" and I mean TOTALLY DISABLE.

PS: Please stop reading forums... been there, done that.. you wont get anywhere... as everyone as a different opinion and the LAST THING you should do is start downloading lots of so-called fix it programs... none of which will work.. unless you know exactly what you are doing... such things like this are best left to advanced users... send me a PM if you are struggling and I will be happy to help.

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