T-Mobile - 18 Month Contract Up - Which Phone / Deal should I demand?

    I got a Sony Ericsson W850i 18 months ago (Dec 06) on the £35 a month contract (£65 of credit + Web N Walk per month).

    I hardly use about a third of the £65 of credit each month, and make use of the web n walk once or twice a month.

    My contract is now up and I hear that T-Mobile are very flexible when it comes to re-signing n with them.
    What's the best phone to go for on T-Mobile and how far can I push them to reduce my line rental as well as get a very decent phone.

    I really only use the W850i for calls and the occasional text. I used to use the 2gb memory to store MP3s to play via the car's USB port, but now use an 8gb USB stick.
    To be honest I would probably find a phone with a decent camera of more use than a walkman phone.

    I ideally want to pay £25 a month at most (including web n walk if poss).

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