T Mobile £7.50 Sim Only it still on?


    The other day i seen a thread with the offer above. Does anyone know if its still on and the number they was calling for the deal and i will give them a call?

    Thanks All !


    Sorry it's for londoner's only.

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    Sorry it's for londoner's only.

    Yeh Yeh Yehh......Haaa !!

    Yep, my father just did it 5 minutes ago.

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    What number did they call, i have just tried calling and she didnt have a clue what i was on about but could do 600min, unlimited text and unlimited internet for 12months for £10.00 per month should be £15.00.... which i thought wasnt bad too !

    I might attempt to get this... It's a very good deal :).

    I phoned them yesterday on the 0800 freephone number in the original posting. No problems and very quick to set up. Sim arrived this morning Special Delivery.…=30

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    I might attempt to get this... It's a very good deal :).

    Let me know what number you call !!

    Which offer are you after?

    It was 600 mins 500 text 3gb data and a booster/ bolt on for 7.50 I got 3 of them laser night was paying 60 to O2 for about the same.

    The number was 08009562208

    I'm guessing the deal is finished now

    Just called - told it's available for existing pay monthly customers only. Same deal is £10 per month for new customers.
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