does this feed the rumours that one or the other were going to get into the iphone market in Oct then?
I wasn't sure whether to buy now or wait until Oct to find out

dont care, providing they leave my orange wednesdays alone!!!

the iphone 3g exclusivity deal does officially end with o2 in oct...noone really knows who is going to offer it though (3gs still remains with o2)

the sad thing that comes to mind is, as im with vodafone, which will now become one of the smallest marketshare holders for mobile providers (along with 3 etc), it will get even less exclusives or good phones at the start of releases, as tmobile/orange will easily snap them up with their 37%, and o2 will carry on doing what they do lol

Having been on the receiving end of Orange's version of customer service, I don't think there's much chance of me using either company now.

iPhone will be available on other networks by xmas, but O2 have exclusive rights to the Palm Pre
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