t-mobile change of pricing

    hey guys,

    just got a text from t-mobile saying they're going to start charging 12p/minute on calls to 07744/07755 numbers after 1 june 2007.

    i remember when carphonewarehouse/O2 did somethign similar a few months ago there was some clause in the contract that allowed us to terminate the contract based on the fact that they were adjusting per call charges in the middle of our signed settled and agreed upon contract.

    i'm hoping someone can find a similar loophole for t-mobile? these guys really **** me off. they have the worst coverage, they charge for practically every call. only reaosn i'm with them is cause they're the only people who provide HSDPA internet access via phone at such a low price; i'm paying £27/month for flext30 and the web and walk HSDPA plan, which is peanuts, and it came with a £400+ mda vario II phone...

    guess you get what you pay for. but i'm hoping i can find some loophole, with the help of some hotukdeals members!


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    If you use these numbers then you have a right to cancel your contract. You must notify them in writing within 30 days. After 30 days you have agreed to accept any revised T&Cs.
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