T-mobile changing their Fair Usage Policy - what should I do?

    Right, I got a text from T-Mobile a couple of days ago saying that their Fair Usage Policy is changing from my 3GB Im normally allowed to a poultry 500MB - I always come close to my 3GB rate as it is, there is no way I can get shafted down to 500MB just like that.

    Anyway, what should I do? I love my phone (HTC Desire) and I got it on £15 a month which isn't bad, but the reason I got this dead over any others because of T-Mobiles excellent data FUP.

    I don't know what to do guys, what would you do?


    no need to do anything, carry on loving ur phone/tmooble
    your mobile internet allowance will change if you upgrade get a new contract
    your terms have not changed and wont change until the end of your contract

    thank me later
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    does anyone know how to remove image compression with the native android browser as the only other way I'm aware of to get better images on a larger screen android phone ( dell streak / HTC HD) is to use opera mini... used to be able to do it through the broadband dongle via the accelerator software

    Hi it seems only new and upgrade customers will now be affected. Existing customers are unaffected.…GES
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