T-Mobile charging contract customers for voicemail

Posted 18th May 2011
Hello all,

I think it's absolutely ridiculous that T-Mobile charge contract customers to listen to voicemail. I find that month by month my bill is getting higher due to the voicemails I have received. I mean if anything it should come off the minutes allowance which I never use up.

Part of me things that T-Mobile provide crappy reception on purpose so that the call would be diverted to voicemail and will end up costing me.
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there's a work around that lets you use your inclusive mins
this I believe is the solution..read on

"if you are being charged for tmobile voicemails you need to update the voicemail retrieval phone number. just dial 222 and listen to prompts. when finished restart phone and your voicemails will be free .
extract from t mobile ......"


Why have I been charged for calling voicemail?


If you have stored your actual mobile number for voicemail you will be charged. You need a special voicemail number stored that can be set up by calling 222 from your phone. Simply follow the prompts and this will ensure you're not charged any more.
Hope this helps
i think my partner calls his own number?
Use hullomail
Thanks for the information called 222 and was emailed a new number for voicemail retrieval, let`s see what happens after this.
people actually bother to leave voicemail these days?
Does not work still get charged even though I followed the instructions and set up a new voicemail no. Has this worked for anyone? check you bill..
I don't thnk it works. In fact, T-Mobile actually state they charge fopr voicemail on the tariff. I just think it's a total ripoff. I don;t think other networks charge. Did anyone else recently get a text from T-Mobile apoligising for charging for calls to be diverted to voicemail (not for listening to voicemail as above).

What a balls up...

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