T-Mobile charging one month line rental for pac code

    I phoned T-mobile a month before my contract ends and asked for my pac code and they said I would have a penalty for this and I would have to wait until my contract ends for this not to happen.

    Now my contact ends they first said that my phone line will be open for 30 days when I get the pac code and will close within them days depending when I transfer the pac code. But as they saw my contract has ended on the 10th June but is still running till the 30th June (because didn't close till 30th May) they said that I would pay another 30 days line rental from the day I get my pac even though my line will close within 2 days of transferring my pac code. So I will be charged 28 days line rental for no line.


    Let me get this straight:

    You cancelled phone on 30th May - effective 30th June.
    10th June phone for PAC
    Under normal circumstances soon as PAC is used you don't pay anymore line rental
    But since you had already agreed a finish date they're charging until 30th June?

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    My contract should end on the 10th June but I give a months notice on the 30th May and should now end on the 30th June instead of the 10th. When I asked for my pac code today they said that my contract would not end until 10th July and would still have to pay for my contract even though my line has closed. Cheers

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    And it won't end earlier even if you use your PAC code? That's ridiculous, have you tried phoning back and asking to speak to someone else? It could be that person you spoke to was a moron and gave wrong info, or just that you need to speak to a manager. I would phone back, take names, times etc, ask for an email contact then put it in writing.

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    Cheers I might do that. Thought of going into one of the stores but will ring back to go into another department of if does not work out then email.

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    Didn't work the second time, I hope everybody new about this though.
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