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Found 17th Aug 2006
I wanted help in complaining about T-Mobile to the relevant bodies.

I have a off-peak 3000 tariff, which gives me free phonecalls to t-mobile and landline numbers after 7pm. However, i made a call 2 mins before 7pm for 20 mins to a t-mobile number and was charged for the call even after 7pm. In total incurring charges of 8 pounds.

I understand if they take any money for the call for the duration before 7pm, but to charge me even after 7pm is totally unfair. I spoke to t-mobile customer services and they said what they did was correct as i made the call before 7pm.

I clearly feel cheated as t-mobile did say when i took out the contract that all calls to landlines and t-mobile numbers are free after 7pm.

Please can someone help me in directing me of how to make a complaint and who to make the complaint too.

I look forwrd to hearing from everyone. Cheers.


You won't be able to get a refund or anything, as you made the call before 7PM - it doesn't matter whether it ended after 7 or not, if the call was started before 7, you get charged thereafter. However, if you made a call at 2 minutes past 7, then it would be free.

similar thing happened to me on O2 - I made the call thinking it was past 7pm. Never got my money back. Never made the same mistake again though.
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