T-mobile contract price increase

Anyone on the £7.50 contract get a letter saying the contract will increase to £15.

Can they do that?


Apparently its because of the government, something to do with a Tax increase

Ring them thought they may be able to put you on a different price plan they did for me but i pay £46 a month

My husbands contract increased by £5. Got a letter


Did you go on the £15 a month tarriff last year that was half price for 12 months? as after the 12 months it goes back to £15.00

I received something similar but didn't look into it. Thanks for reminding me

Relax folks!
I had a similar letter and called them, i have two contracts with them, one around £5 per mth, the other around £8, the letter stated they would both be increasing to over £15 per month.

The reason for these letters showing such a huge increase is because they dont take into account the discounted rates that most people recieve!

My tariffs are both around £15 pm on paper, but i recieve large discounts on both lines as i have been with them for years.

The letters they send out do not take into account any discounts and so it looks like a huge price hike!

I was reasurred its only 3.something percent and that would be applied to the discounted rates so they will actually only increase by pennies!

The operator agreed the letters were badly written and understood why customers were angry as for all intents and purposes it looks like they're trying to double bills etc when infact its only pennies!

Hope this helps!
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