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Found 15th Aug 2007
Sorry if this is in the wrong section. My T-mobile contract is up for renewal, and the free phones they have offered are absolutly rubbish, worse than the one I got free 18 months ago!

I want some a new toy to play with, is it possible to bargain with them over the phone to get a better phone, maybe if I agree to up my contract? They want £130 for a K810i as a renewal!!! This is free on all O2 plans and can be picked up on PAYG for less!
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That's shocking!

What tarriff are you on?
Flext 20. I'm planning on uncreasing it to Flext 25 or 30 when I renew, well I was!

So they want £130 for the phone as a renewal when you can get it as brand new customer for £30 less! I would complain! That's awful. My contract is up for renewal in December with them. I'm now dreading to think what they will "offer" me!

I wouldn't increase it unless you really REALLY want to and/or have to. Because for the sake of spending (and I'm only going on the new customer prices in the link I've posted above) £5 more over 18 months (Total of £90) you are only getting the phone for £50 less. I know you get more money to play with in regards to minutes and texts etc, but if you're not going to use them, then you shouldn't be made to pay more for it.

Go back to them with cold hard facts that they can't ignore (such as it's cheaper for a new customer to buy the phone as mentioned above) and say it's rather poor what they are offering you as an existing customer.

Then say for the same amount of money and contract length (£20 a month for 18 months), I can go to Three, get 500 minutes and 100 texts. (Whether that is what you need/want/use etc is kind of irrelevant right now as is if the 3 network coverage is any good in your area, you're just trying to point out you can go elsewhere and hopefully they'll give you something better to stay.) They may say to any other network deals that "But you aren't tied down to a set number of minutes, the Flext Price Plan you are on allows you to spend your Flext Allowance however you want." So be prepared for that!

If at any time they do try and say "Well, fair enough then. I'll begin the disconnection process." Just say something like, I don't want to do that just yet, I'll need some time to sort a few things out my end first. I'll call back later." just so you can maybe phone again and start again, you may get a better deal.

I believe T-Mobile aren't the best at keeping existing customers I'm afraid.

Good luck though!
PAC to O2 or Three if you don't mind em, great retention deals.

Orange can be good if ur a VERY high user.

T-Mobile is generally rubbish as is Virgin Mobile rententions.

Vodafone rarely hear of good retention deals.

As that Nationwide ad goes: "New Customers Only..."
If you can make it Flext 35 (most popular tariff), you get free evening and weekend minute promotion ... and the N95 (main phone sold at the mo with U600) for £40.

Go through quidco for some cashback?

Or phone up and negotiate further?

Retentions are improving across the board, probably not in time for you though.
tell T-mobile you'd like your PAC number they will ask you why?, you just say you've been offered a better deal from another network and they WILL sit up and take note and offer you a loyal customer a better deal.
Is there a name of this retention tariff?
What deals have you heard of/gotten lance?
I now just take £15 pounds off line rental got 2 upgrades in September. 1 is flex 25 with web&walk £25 i'll just take £15 off line the other 3000 off peak minutes £20 but currently i pay £5 will be terminated due to lack of use.

if i don't get what i want i'll just terminate both contracts.:whistling:

I still have flex 35 free unlimited landlines and free evening and weekend calls.
I've just renewed my contract with T-Mobile and had great fun with it.
Basically, try the "Upgrade" option when you ring 150. If they will not give you the handset that you want, inform them that Orange, O2 - whoever, it doesn't really matter - have agreed to give you the handset/mobile that you want and do the exact same priceplan that you want to renew.
Normally the call centre person puts you on hold at this point to "ask their manager/supervisor).
If they don't give you what you have asked for then ask about how you go about transferring your mobile number to another company/provider (sounding as if you don't have a clue works well here!).
Then thank that call centre person for their help and say that you will have to do a bit more shopping around before coming back to them.
The person that took your call should update your record and also click a box that indicates you are thinking of leaving.
Now sit back and wait for 48hrs, then ring 150 back and this time select the "Thinking of leaving T-Mobile" option. Inform the person that answers about your previous call, that O2, Orange, blah, have offerred you what you want but it seems to be a little bit of a hassle transferring numbers etc. Ask "Will you match the tarriff and upgrade, otherwise could you provide me with the PAC/transfer details that I need".
At the moment I have a W850i and free 18 month £6.99 per month 'Customer Loyalty' credit (pays for my phone insurance). I was on Flex30 on my last contract (now discontinued) but changed it to Flex20 for six months and am now on the Flex35.
I haven't paid for a phone upgrade for the last 6 years.
Hope this helps.
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