T-Mobile FlexT tariffs to REDUCE their 12mth inclusive usage allowances

    I think this has been mentioned elsewhere but I never saw anything specific until I saw this:

    It would seem now is a good time to order a tmob tariff you want a 12month contract with them and confirms networks really pushing towards 18month contracts now


    18-month FlexT 35 = £180 credit allowance meaning 1800sms or 900mins usage - THIS IS NOT CHANGING

    12-month FlexT 35 = £120 credit allowance meaning 1200sms or 600mins usage


    12-month FlexT 35 = £90 credit allowance meaning 900mins or 450mins usage…b=6 T-Mobile has slashed the inclusive value of its Flext tariffs for new customers, dropping the combined value of texts and minutes offered by as much as £45.

    The network has also stopped including voicemail in its Flext value package, and has introduced a minimum call charge of one minute for all Flext tariffs. T-Mobile said the move was 'part of a price review', but that the 'tariffs were still good value'.

    The operator has made the changes to its post-pay 12-month tariffs proposition, which come into effect on 15 August.

    On the Flext £25 12-month tariff, the £40 of inclusive value offered in July has been dropped to £30. On Flext's £35 contract, inclusive value has fallen from £120 to £90. Flext's £50 contract now includes £125 worth of value, down from £170.

    There is now a £30 gap between the value on the Flext £25 12-month contract and Flext £25 18-month contract. The Flext £30 18-month tariff comes with £90 of texts and minutes, the same as with the Flext 35 12-month contract.

    Dealers' commission for the new tariffs remains the same. In July, T-Mobile took off £35 commission across all Flext tariffs.

    T-Mobile was expected to be gearing up for the second half of the year with retention of Flext customers with richer deals. But it is a sign that the company is pushing for higher-value contract customers and going for revenue growth. Distributors said the network was trying to move more customers on to 18-month contracts and was also pushing prepay for a more direct payback.

    A spokesman said: 'We have taken some value out. We led the industry on value and probably still do. But we are increasing the gap between the 12 and 18-month Flext tariffs. With free weekend calls, they are still hugely competitive. We'd prefer to have people on 18-month contracts, but the changes are not prohibitive for 12 months.'

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