Found 28th Jul 2006
if any1 knows of a way 2 cancel t-mobile plzz lemme no. 3 months in to a 18m0nth contract and alredy bored of my phone, not enough flext credit, and poor customer service. any help greatly appreciated!!!!


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A lot of requests for this, but none I know of.

They are pretty rare really. There's been a few oppertunities to cancel with other networks but they don't really make that many changes to be honest.

[SIZE=2]Duckie you mention ways of cancelling with other networks? how about vodafone??[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Im 9 months into 12 months with them and from 1st Aug picture messages are no longer part of the £60 worth of text , wap , mms that my contract has in it and i thought i might be able to get out of the contract as they are changing the terms i signed up to however they aint having it[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]The sent me a text to advise of the 1st Aug change.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Any ideas? as my bill will rocket at 35p per mms.[/SIZE]

You could try sending a letter claiming that it's changing the prices.…027

That's all the information I have to be totally honest, what people have said in that thread.

Worth a try though.

I can understand not letting you go onto a lower priced price plan, but will they not let you go to a higher Flext plan? Unless you are on the Flext 75! But if you are, fair play to you for using £390 in less than a month! I'm finding it hard enough to use £200, and I barely eat into that!

I found the CS pretty good when I upgraded, but they "threw in" a few things, and have now sinced charged me for them! None of this was mentioned at the time! So I have to try and sort that out! Should be fun!

From what I know, you can't change your phone after 14 days with T-Mobile, and from what I was told by the Link (although a while ago and I wouldn't really trust them anyway, but that's just me) you can't cancel your contract if you want to change your phone, you can change the phone, but have to keep the contract going.

The only thing I would suggest is write to the CEO, take it as high as you can go, and say you're not happy with the CS and feel that you would not get the treatment and respect you would wish from them. Possibly lay it on a bit thick to get your point across and you never know what could happen. I can't promise anything, but it's got to be worth a shot.

Failing that, you will just be stuck with the contract for another 15 months, where you could put the phone on ebay if you have another phone that is/can be unlocked or another T-Mobile locked phone and put the SIM card in it. With the money you make from the sale, can go towards the extra you spend above the Flext allowance or you could put it towards another phone.
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