T-Mobile insurance claim help pls...

    my OH got to work this morning to see the screen on his N95 smashed (think his keys did it)

    on going into t-mobile after work, they rang their ins company 'Fonesafe' who wanted him to pay £30 excess over the phone, then they would send him an envelope out for him to send phone to them to see if they could reapir or replace the phone....
    then he would prob get a replacement phone within 48 hours of them receiving the phone...

    the guys in the store said they can't do anything about it.

    he didn't pay over the phone, he came home furious that he's been paying £8.99 month for 15 months and then it'll be £30 excess
    £164.88 in total for a new screen (if they repair it & not replace) new screen we now know costs £50

    he even asked if the shop could lend him a phone, any would do just till his is sorted, as he uses his for sorry we can't..

    he has made calls to t-mobile and we are awaiting a call back......

    this also means he'll be without a phone for possibly 5/6 days

    anyone else had any probs with t-mobile ins?

    any ideas please?


    Most networks have a excess these days. Just like you have on your home and car insurance. They don't wave it as a rule. ..

    I'm sorry but let this be a wake up call. I never get phone insurance. You must have known about the excess when you took out the policy?

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    yes we knew about excess...more peeved off about the service they offering....

    ie, no replacement phone...almost a weeks wait etc

    your better off putting the money aside in a bank account than buying phone insurance unless you are particularly heavy handed.

    I have been paying 8.99 Phone insurance for the last 24 months :cry:
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