T mobile is not changing existing Terms and Conditions for current contracts to 500mb data, only new and upgrading contracts.

    see link below


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    In other words, too many people wanted to cancel, T-Mobile realised they probably didn't have a leg to stand on, so changed the policy again.


    T-mobile now being run by Orange so we are all in the S___.
    First class tossers with no thoughts for customer service
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    So if your looking for a new contract now is it time to jump on this now so you still get the 3gb data or do you think t-mobile will backtrack and change it anyway?

    Good outcome but I think most customers won't forget this whole sorry episode easily.

    Nicely summed up by bitterwallet…321

    Let’s not beat around the bush here; this was nothing to do with bringing p … Let’s not beat around the bush here; this was nothing to do with bringing policies in line with the rest of the industry, nor was there any ‘confusion’ about the matter. T-Mobile acted woefully in this matter; they potentially left themselves wide open to legal challenge from tens of thousands of customers and are only backing down because consumers, solicitors and the media were about to have their collective heads on a platter.You may have been coerced into doing the right thing, T-Mobile, but shame on you for even trying it on.

    I just go this text message from them:

    "We recently sent you a text saying your internet on your phone fair use policy amount would be changing. After listening to customer feedback, existing customers will no longer be affected by this change and your fair use policy will stay as it is. For more info see"

    I have a 3GB Android allowance so I’m well chuffed. I spoke to T-Mobile on Tuesday about another matter and registered my disgust at their antics. Was going to email/write as well but good to see that they’ve seen sense. i.e. realise that they’re shooting themselves in the foot.
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