t mobile new customer question!

    Hi there, just wondering if anyone knows how it works when you take out a new contract with t-mobile (online)- do they bill you straight away or at the end of your first month?


    They will bill you whenever your next billing cycle is, but will charge you (as in payment from your bank) after 2/3 weeks

    For example if your Bill Cycle is 25th of July (You might have taken your contract on the 15th of July), you will receive your Bill on say 27th (2 days after your Billing cycle) & will be charged say on the 13th / 14th of July, but will be charged for duration 15th July to 25th July & 26th July to 25th August.

    So yes in advance, but payment will not leave your account untill 2/3 weeks after your Bill cycle.

    Does this make sense??

    Yup always a month in advance but your first bill may contain 'part charges' if you join part way though your billing cycle. Your bill is produced (printed) 14 days before it is due.

    remember you can call 150 and check your remaining allowance and your call charges. This is an estimate however as it can take 72 hours for charges to apear on your account, more if your abroad

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    Thanks for your help. Rep added!
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