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Found 18th Sep 2009
Hope someone out there can help on this. Daughter is away from home and she got a T-mobile broadband dongle with sim off ebay, when it came there were no instructions. As we already had a contract mobile broadband with orange we weren't too bothered about that as thought it would work roughly the same.

Problem is, she doesn't know how to top up the account. T-mobile website has been useless she says, no info on there either. She says that it loads up a grey start-up screen but there are no options for topping up. How does she top it up?

Thanks in advance for any help offered.
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has she tried registering first ?

or texting 150 from the text centre on her pc ?
pretty sure you can buy top up vouchers too like you can with mobile phones
just going to add if she does buy a voucher Text VO then space then the 16 digit voucher number to 150
Thanks guys for the suggestions, will get her to check the links out.

Does she need to know the mobile number of the sim to register, as she doesn't know it. She has bought a top up voucher so she is raring to get on line now. lol
im not sure but i dont think you need if your just using a voucher & texting the code, prob need it to register though
hope you sort it
Thanks for your help. We did try contacting the seller but they never got back in touch.

Rep added.
why do i keep getting that iv used 80% of my fair used policy when all im doing is lissoning to the radio i was told that it was unlimited
Hi, I am writing to ask if you could help me, I cannot get my phone to send or receive text messages, my phone is a Samsung Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830i)
i'm same as bully526 had a load of updates so realy not using it. ive paid for 24hours so let me have 24h all i want is what i've paid for
I have problem when i use t mobile dongle then net work not found
I last used dongle in 2011 and tried to top up without success.can you please advise how to use this again
Er.... we're NOT T-Mobile?

Call T-mobile and ask?

T-Mobile Broadband dongle.
Once the days run out I find can't top-up to get more days - whatever I click screen says can't connect, so failing a proper answer from T-Mobile I go to nearest cash-point and put £15 on the T-mobile Dongle number, come home and choose Top-up then number of days and off it goes. Don't top-up before it runs out else it will continue with only part of your £15.
I have a problem with my internet i have just put £15 on my dongle it counting down but t-mobile comes up saying error i wish u can help thank you
I topped up my mobile broadband last week it worked for 1 day coudnt get on the web since tried ringing the help line for 5 days always engaged wont use this service again and if still got £32.00 in credit
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