T-Mobile PAYG Sim Cards Accepting Calls with Zero balance

Found 30th Jul 2008
I got a t-mobile PAYG sim and it allows me to accept calls even with zero balance. Obviously, I cannot call out but it is very useful for me to use this number for entering my details to avoid spam. Just wondering if anyone know how long does it last before they cancel my number without putting any money in the card? Also, does all PAYG cards from different companies also allow calls to be accepted with a zero balance??
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yes.. they all do...
providing you use it.. it should never run out..
one word wow, I thought everyone knew everything about mobiles now days

All Pay as you Go mobiles accept incoming calls with a balance of 0, as long as the phone is kept active (i.e. you make or receive a call at least once a month) they wont cut you off
i aint made a chargable call on my t-mobile for about 9 months, think im gonna find soon its disconnected
I've always thought the PAYG needs to at least have some money in it before it can be used. Guess not!

Also read that sometimes companies would cut of the card even if you have a balance on the card if you don't make a chargeable call within a certain amount of months. I would assume they would cut the card off even faster if someone have zero balance and ONLY use it to accept calls though???

thanks for the replies rep added
i know for a fact that tmobile sim cards become inactive if you have not made a chargeble call within 180 days!
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