T-mobile Pulse Mini HELP!!! Please

    Im thinking about getting a T-mobile Pulse mini and can get it for about £70. However what do you people think of it. Also I dont want to pay £25 to unlock it anyone know if those I smart Sim work on it. I know they work on the Big Pulse duno about the mini been searching but nothing comes up.


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    It depends what you want from a phone.

    I have the Pulse Mini on T-Mobile and it's ok for my needs.

    It's good as a starter Smartphone especially for £70 (mine was significantly less) and does most of the things I wanted. The phone itself is good, most of my issues seem to be with T-Mobile

    For some reason you cannot get delivery reports with texts, which is annoying as hell, despite there being an option to select them, it's a known problem and even using text apps that claim to work doesn't amend it, I'm not sure if this problem is with T-Mobile alone or with the Android system.

    I originally also had an issue with downloading apps from Market but I think that was a T-Mobile network issue which seems to be sorted now.

    No idea on the unlocking as I am using it on T-Mobile, I do have a i-smartphone sim thingy somewhere it's just I put it somewhere so safe that I seem to have managed to erase the whereabouts from my addled memory.

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    Thanks mate! I herd its annoying to use with your fingers and tips or any apps to help witht he use of keyboard?

    It can be a bit annoying with the standard keypad for texting, I downloaded an app called Big Buttons and it's a hell of a lot easier to use now - the phone does come with a stylus though anyway.

    Another thing, if you do get it, download an app killer like Advanced Task Killer as the battery life is shockingly poor with minimal use, the battery will need charging most days.

    I hated this phone when I first got it but after a few days playing around with it I grew to like it, the positives outweigh the negatives.

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    Thanks Mate I owe you a Biggie! Will download it tommorow! So Exicted! Btw our of curiosity how much did you get yours for?

    It was a bit of an ordeal but got it for £44.99 with £30 free credit thrown in.

    The original price was £79.99 from Argos ( also had free bluetooth & car kit with it) but I had a £5 voucher for using my Argos card which bought it down to £74.99.

    Now, I did not know but T-Mobile were having network issues last month prior to me buying it and I assumed it was my old LG phone playing up so I went out and straightaway bought this Pulse Mini only to find out that it too wouldn't make/receive calls or texts - though it was fixed the next morning.

    Long story short I sent an angry email to T-Mobile bemoaning their service and moaing about buying a new phone when it was their inadequate network etc and how I was now stuck with a phone I did not want or need because you cant return activated phones to Argos. Customer Services phoned me a few days later and after a chat with the nice lady she put £30 credit on and sent me a cheque for another £30 ( though I am not sure she meant to do both).

    Made the phone a real bargain.

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    LOL! Thats a great price I got mine for £70. Ordered from tesco should have came tommrow bvut thye are sending it tommorow really annoying! Best come at 7am In the morning!
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