T-mobile reception improvements????? Anyone else noticed?

    Hi all. I was in the loo wid my iphone today as always listening to music n stuff. The iphone normally struggles to get one bar of signal. Thats when i have switches to gsm or 2g network. If i switch to 3g i used to get no service at all. But today however i noticed to my surprise that i had all the 5 bars of signal plus the 3g goin on as well. I managed to play a couple of youtube videos on 3g network as well. It loaded pretty fast. This is huge improvement in the signal. The other day i read some thread on here about the t-mobile orange merger which was supposed to come in effect from 1 st of july. Could that be the reason for the strong signal im gettin now? Anybody else noticed anything similar?



    Wow, not half an hour ago was I talking to my girlfriend about this.
    The house we live in has thick 'yorkshire stone' walls, since having my G2 from release day I always struggled to reach more than 2 bars, and had to connect through wifi to use the marketplace etc.
    Now this afternoon I woke up and had full bars, ran a speed test and I'm getting about 330Kbps
    Don't know how or why, could be the merger.

    merger with orange coming into effect?

    hopefully, i may finally be able to get 3G at home (in the near future...)
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