T-Mobile switched to online billing... the time they said they'll pass on the 2.5% VAT cut, hmmm.


    Good morning Abvance they'll pass it on sometime in the middle of 2009 no doubt!


    i got that text only got dec jan feb march with them and then am leavign them

    does anyone have the sms content and number you have to send?

    Id want to optout but lost the flyer they sent!



    that expired on 14th of aug, as i still get my paper statements threw the post, try phoning them up

    its ok found the flyer! yay!

    got the flyer last week... said I had ot text "BILL" to 49015 to continue receiving paper bills..


    i just received my december bill, with the tax cut on it


    my bill will be ready for me on 18th

    when i move to o2 is there a option that i can ask for my bill to come out my bank on our around 1st to 3rd or each month like what i have at moment with tmobile
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