T mobile Tariff Dilemma

    Ok guys I need some advice I am currently on Flext 30 + web and walk. I have £10 line rental discount on my account due to the non upgrade in december, this is valid for 6 months (runs out in june). I also have a £5 discount on my account for life. This mean I am paying £20 on a month.

    I could switch to Solo 20 with Free Internet Access, however I would lose all my discounts?

    Which option will stand me in better stead to get a new handset in say 6 months?

    I am probably looking for a at the n97 or The Tube or the iphone.

    The final option is to sack off TMobile and switch to o2?

    NB My usage is roughly 400 minutes and 300 texts and the internet is a must!


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    As you are still in contrat you will probably loose your discounts, you … As you are still in contrat you will probably loose your discounts, you can't go anywhere yet so don't need to fight to keep you.My hubby recently got rid of his Tmobile contract, he was on one of their highest tariffs and would not offer him a retention deal, same thing happened to a friend of mine, hopefully it was a bad month for them or something, rather than being the norm.He ditched them for o2, best bet is to ask, you always get the best deals when you ask to disconnect, if they don't cough up then, they won't.

    I am currently out of contract however 6 months down the line which would be better to get a new fone to be on the solo plan or stay on flext 30 web and walk?

    ricky - Try to find a deal on a different network that you like and ask them to match it! Sometime tmobile are known to agree and offer good retention deals to keep customers but lately they dont seem to care much... Let us know what you decide.

    As you took a discount in December rather than an upgrade you will probably find that this has tied you into a new contract with them. I.e. a discount for extending the contract, this is normal with T-mobile, they therefore should allow you to change your price plan and retain the discount for the duration of the extension of the contract. Ring them, the best thing to do is ask!
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