T-Mobile Top-Up Friday [PAYG]

    Couldn't find a TUF/Free Weekend and Evening Texts in this section of the forum so here goes;

    With Top Up Friday from T-Mobile, you can stay in the loop with all your mates all weekend - whatever's going on! Just top up £10 (or more) in one go on a Friday, and we'll give you UNLIMITED TEXTS (well, more than you should be able to handle in a weekend, anyway!) to any UK network all day Saturday and Sunday ABSOLUTELY FREE! So if you're going to the cinema, the football, or maybe just hooking up to hang out, once you top up by £10 on Top Up Friday, you'll be ready to get even more from your weekend and text as many people as you like for FREE - whatever pops up.

    Text Friday to 441 to join, then top up £10 on Friday for FREE UNLIMITED TEXTS all day Saturday and Sunday.

    [U Terms + Conditions

    * If you are a pay as you go or U-Fix customer you must opt in before 16th October 2007 to get your 6 months of free weekend texts.
    * To get your free texts, successfully top up £10 or more in a single transaction before 23.59 on a Top Up Friday.
    * We will confirm when you have opted in, when you have successfully topped up and when your 6 months has run out.
    * You can use your free texts in the UK to UK mobile networks between 00.00 Saturday to 23.59 Sunday.
    * Subject to a fair use policy of 3000 texts in a weekend. If you exceed 3000 in a weekend, we will request that you reduce any future use. If you continue to use more than 3000 texts a weekend, T-Mobile may permanently remove Top Up Friday from you.
    * If you have a Mates Rates 5 day pass and you text a T-Mobile mate, Top Up Friday texts will be used first.
    * If you are a U-Fix customer, you will lose Top Up Friday if you migrate to a price plan outside the U-Fix group of price plans.

    This obviously is a **** deal compared to their 'Free Evening and Weekend Texts' (for life they used to state everywhere as well). Instead of paying just £10 a month to qualify for FREE evening and weekend texts (7pm-7am Mon-Thursday then 7pm-7am Monday (all weekend)) you now have to top-up £10 on a FRIDAY to get FREE texts all weekend (which you got in the previous deal anyway). This means that you have to Top-Up atleast £40 to get FREE texts all weekend for a month, compared to the old £10 you used to have to top-up.

    Oh, and the deal lasts a whole 6 months as well, before they even think about changing anything. I think it's time go goto Vodafone PAYG - spend £2.50 during the week and get FREE texts all weekend, or spend £5 and get FREE texts and calls all weekend.

    All the deals are for texts/calls to any-network by the way.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had got their Top-Up Friday plan activated yet? Here's what I wrote at a different forum;

    Does Top-Up Friday start on/after the 16th October? Topped up a tenner (one transaction) today about 6, 20mins later got a text saying successful/tenner but nothing about Top-Up Friday (opted in the same day they sent me the text, they sent a text back saying you're already receiving free texts, they=t-mobile).

    Called 150 and it dosn't say I'm on free evening/weekend texts or top-up Friday. Sent 'FRIDAY' to '441' 3 times before topping up (no texts back apart from first time) and once since topping up, nothing. And yep, no free texts!

    Anyone else?

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    Man Ill stick to 5 Day Pass
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