T-Mobile unlimited internet!

    Evening all,

    I've just got a new contract on t-mobile with unlimited internet. How unlimted is this? Does it include downloads etc?

    I've searchedd their site, but can't find much on it!

    Thanks people!


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    Thanks. Does it include downloads?


    if its android i think t mobile give 3gb if its not then its 500mb, but t … if its android i think t mobile give 3gb if its not then its 500mb, but t mobile is the only company that when you go over they don't charge you.

    What do they do then? Surely there's no point having a limit

    I've got a HTC HD2 on t-moblie £10 a month jobbie, I'm dual booting with android, on youtube all day (nearly) emailing, downloading and have never had any problems with any limits!!
    I would say I'm a heavy user

    Indeed. I'm a heavy user, but never had a problem. They say in their terms and conditions that if you go over occasionally it doesnt matter, if you go over a fair bit they can reduce you to 2g only speeds once you've reached your limit until the next mont. if it continues they will contact you to discuss increasing your limit (for a fee i'd presume/ or you reducing it).

    T-mobile are realy good when it comes to there unlimited internet, on my t-mobile dongle i dl'ed 50gig one month all they do is limit your dl speeds between 4pm and midnight but they still let you use websites etc...

    i was thinking go for t-mobile sim only.
    now i am more confidence.
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