T-Mobile upgrade advise

    Im jus after some advise i have got 2 contracts which are due to finish with T Mobile in a month. I have been offered 300 minutes and unlimited texts for each contract which is for £5 per month for each phone. The contract lengh would be 24 months and i would keep my exisiting phone.

    Is this offer any good i dont really use alot of minutes or texts??

    Thanx for any advise.


    for a fiver it sound good but being tied into a 24 month contract is a bit poo. If as you say you dont use your phone much then go for it...

    It depends how much you are currently spending on the 2 contracts each month. I always go on to the shortest contract I can get and then get an upgrade phone. You can then sell the upgrade phone if you want to keep your existing one.

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    At the moment both phones are on the combi 30 which is £30 each so i would be saving loads with the upgrade and i dont think i would be able to find another contract deal for £5. I know 24 months is long but i dont think there are gonna be any issues really.

    Sounds like a good deal to me for your situation

    i just got the g2 with a 24 month contract, 300 mins, unlimited texts and unlimited web and walk, £20 month, better phone and better deal than i had already but £10 cheaper.:-D
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