t-mobile upgrade, do i get quidco cashback?

    Im looking to upgrade on the t-mobile website, but its not a new contract so would i still get the £35 quidco?



    Not on an upgrade, no. Sure that is just for new customers only.

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    gutting! it will be like a brand new 18month contract again! bummer!

    Tip for you... If you are out of contract T-Mobile keep rolling the contract over a month at a time.

    If you cancel, they will charge you a £15 admin fee which they don't tell you about and will credit to your phone in the form of a "top up".

    So if you cancel make it clear you don't want the £15 top up!


    is that in the terms and cons? if not that is illegal

    I don't know. I cancelled my contract a few days after my contract was up and instead of a bill for £30 which is my usual monthly bill I had a bill for £24.21 including the admin fee which was credited to my phone in the form 2 top ups.

    They didn't tell me about it on the phone, I subsequently had two text messages saying "thanks for topping up" I thought it was some kind of reward!

    Then when I received my bill I saw the £12 odd admin fee plus VAT. Phoned them up and they said "You should have been told about this but as there is only 7p remaining on your phone there is nothing we can do".

    I then wrote a letter mentioning Ofcom etc etc. Received a reply from them "clarifying matters" which didn't really clarify anything. So I just paid it.
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