T-Mobile What they like?

    Looking at new phone contract, only ever used Vodafone & O2 but seen a couple of decent deals on T Mobile.

    Just wondering your thoughts on them, signal, cmr service etc.


    My friend had 3 contracts with them (His, GF's and mothers) Signal wise etc. he says its fine, had a few run ins with customer services, but ALWAYS gets his own way if he moans enough (threatens to pull 3 contract every time) - all in all he was happy, dropped one contract to get an iphone though . . .

    I have been with T-mobile for about 3 years now, never had a problem with them, coverage seems really good and they do some good deals, that was the reason I switched to them.

    Find signal coverage is very good, cust service has been excellent (just swapped my daughters contract along with number and they were helpful, explained everything clearly), good technical help (had an issue with sms repeating) which they sorted very quickly and called back when they said they would.

    I have used O2, Orange, Vodaphone and I rate T-Mobile as best all-rounder. They also recommended a cheaper way of upgrading for Web'n'Walk.

    Thumbs up from me.

    not a fantastic signal for me - o2 were better.

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    Cheers for that peeps. Sounds well worth it then, think I may go for it.

    I've had o2 and t-mobile. T-mobile hardly ever have a signal but their customer service is very good.

    If you want to check coverage where you are why don't you use their coverage checker ]Here

    I work for a nation wide company and we are getting rid of all our T mobile phones,tells you somthing about the service signal!
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