T-Shirt Printing

    Does anyone know of a place which Prints onto Polo Shirts for a low cost?

    The quotes I've got so far, seem to want £50+ just for two shirts!


    have you tried [url][/url] The site's currnetly down so I can't check prices but it might be worth a look later.

    What sort of print do you want? If it's just a one off type thing, maybe get some of the iron on transfer stuff for t shirts and make your own.

    just checked Spreadshirt and for a simple design it would be £17.50 a poloshirt and £4 delivery (i.e. £39.00 for 2 shirts delivered) and there is 25% quidco available (not sure what they work this out on, if its the total amount then you'll save nearly £10) and quidco are showing a xmas discount code too which might be worth trying.

    Iron on and printed ones are rubbish my lad tried selling printed t shirts on ebay he finished up using just vinyl and he heats the letters on with a special heat press.He's come to his senses now and got a job but if its just text your wanting and not pictures etc i could ask him if he'll do a couple he charged around £9 each delivered on ebay.
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