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Found 8th Mar 2009

We need a new set of ladders and these appear to be fairly reasonable and versatile.


I'm a little concerned about buying ladders when I've not seen them or been able to find a review on either the product or the company selling them. Does anybody on here have any experience of either that they could share with us?

Thanks in anticipation............
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I know the question was asked over two years ago, but I would like to warn people about this company.
My elderly mother recently had a reading lamp from them. They charged more for the lamp than other retailers, and when the bulb (which costs 10 pounds to replace) failed after less than four months, they said it wasn't covered under warranty!
I pointed out that their policy is not in line with Sale of Goods Act, but they still couldn't care less.
Clearly, a 10 quid bulb is not fit for purpose if it only lasts a few months. I will pursue the matter further.
I've used them before no problems. Whilst I feel sorry about your lamp bulb, there are more important things to worry about in life than a £10 bulb!
Bulbs are consumables. They blow and break without warning. It's unfortunate that it happened so soon after purchase, but no warranty would cover this and to say it's not fit for purpose is just wrong. It could have blown for a number of reasons - power surge for example and is designed to be the first component to fail in such a scenario to prevent serious damage elsewhere.

This doesn't make them crooks/rip off merchants
And why's there always an elderly parent/disabled child involved when folk rant?
neostar recorder ntcd18,was a waste of money the background noise on the cds is terrible,is there any way of reducing it?
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