T3 or Stuff?

Found 13th Jun 2007
Which one of these magazines should i subscribe too? and from where? Which one do you think is better
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Of the two T3, although a 'non of the above' option would be preferable as neither are great.
Cheers! I will look into it Col! Mega, have you got any alternatives?

And keep on voting!
What is it you want from the Mag? If you want lots of piccys of scantily clad ladies with a pretence of looking at new technology etc. then you're already looking in the right place :giggle:.
Ha, yeah, i suppose you are right! I want a modern tech mag, with pics that isn't too complicated, so i suppose one of these is the best! I just gotta decide which one, so hopefully you can help me!
Which one do you prefer dcx?
T3's better my far in my opinion. It just seems more reliable for some reason.

Its a shame neither can really be taken seriously due to their blatant use of female models on every page. Dont get me wrong im a red blooded male but theres a time and a place, and it just lowers the tone of the magazine and is actually insulting the IQ of the average reader.
Rant over :P
Yeah i do know what you mean Ponk! And yeah, it seems like no one can decide which one is better, im thinking T3, but depending on how many issues i get for each!
Actual product reviews are crap from both, they are more like fashion magazine.

A product will get rateed highly because it looks good more then anything else or because it is cool. They are too brand loyal, anything sony and apple always get the recomended awards etc.
Yeah, i suppose. Have you got any other ideas then?
T3 are PROPER Sony fanboys its quite irritating
i prefer stuff as i had a 3months trial with t3 £1 i think if you do a search or i think its called myfavouritemagazines.co.uk

do a stuff trial £1for 3 months and what hi fi also
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