T5 Screwdriver.

    Hi, I've just had my case changed on my N95 in town today and the person at the stall hasnt put the speaker back in properly and I cant hear anyone!
    I was wondering what shops I would be able to buy a T5 screwdriver in?
    I've seen them on eBay for £2 delivered so hopefully want to pay less than £3-4 tommorow.
    Anyone have any ideas?



    Try your local market toolstalls ive had a couple of sets one with changeable bits that store in the handle I keep in my bag for quick repairs and a set of screwdriver types for £2 and £3 for the better set (also useful for xbox 360's).

    Can you not take it back to the guy who did it in case he has killed it? Its his responsibility!

    t5 is pretty rare but maplins do them, they do a kit with t3,t5,t7 in for about £6.00 i think i paid

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    Cheers for your help, Im going back to the bloke that done it tommorow and am hoping he's stall is still there.
    If it isnt I'll have a go at doing it myself with the T5.

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    Ive got one i dont need anymore pm me yr addy and i'll post it to you. … Ive got one i dont need anymore pm me yr addy and i'll post it to you. hth :thumbsup:

    Wow, cheers mate!
    Can I cover the cost of postage or anything?
    I have £1.01 in paypal if you want?

    Hey I had this problem the other week. I went and bought the maplin kit but the 'bits' were too chunky to fit down any slimline holes that I had on my mixing desk. If you google 'console repair x' were 'x' is your county, and ring the place up they will be able to sell you one. I found a place in stevenage that did the right screwdriver, £8 though!

    Good luck though mate, I tried everywhere in Herts and they were the only place you could just walk in and buy the proper screwdriver i.e. not the bit set that maplin do. :-)

    Maplins do several sets of Torx screwdrivers, and also just the 'bit' kits if you already have a screwdriver. Sometimes they are called security screwdrivers. Anyway, they cost max of £4.99. I saw some in my local one just the other day.
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