Table lamp leads / plugs

    Bit of a weird one. Im after the wiring as such for a table lamp.

    the plug the wire...all the way to the bulb holder. Im thinking its going to be cheaper to buy a horrible lamp off ebay and smash it up and take the bits off, but I dont even know where to look to buy this stuff though hence asking on here. Any links would be great



    i think its cheaper to buy from a charity shop? or ask on freecycle??


    surely you can just go into some electrical shop? All you need is holder (max £1), plug (about 50p) and a bit of wire (pennies).

    Best is somesort of family run shop rather than some big chain....

    If it costs more than £2 I would be very surprised!

    wilko do all the bits

    :oops:gosh this brings back memories of making table lamps in woodwork classes in school in the 70's
    Then went on to become a wood machinist and in collage we used to make these in the lunch break on the lathes and sell them in the pub to pay for the beer and pies:-D
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