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Found 19th Jan
I'm looking to get a decent tablet for about £100 maybe a little bit more. I dont want to buy one from overseas, so I was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations as I'd really appreciate it.
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huawei is fine
How about an amazon Fire 8”hd 16gb from Argos
Sorry forgot to add that I'm looking for a 10' tablet.
Thanks pooool
Worth having a look at Argos ebay, I've had a few off there without a problem.

Cheers Shadey, will do
gerrygor14 m ago

Cheers Shadey, will do

The prices tend to go up and down quite a bit, I suppose it depends how much stock they have. If you're not in a rush just keep checking prices but they do sell out.
I paid £55 for a 10 inch 1gb Lenovo about 6 months ago, a week later I got a 2gb 10 inch Lenovo for £49. It just seems to be the luck of the draw.

Edit, I also got 4 identical (apart from the colour) 7 inch tablets in the space of a month, the price varied between £31-£40.
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I'll keep checking Shadey. Looks like they have some great deals. Cheers
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