Tablet advise £100 budget.

Found 22nd Nov 2017
My mum's looking to get her boyfriend a tablet for Xmas. She has given me a £100 budget.

I stopped looking into tablets years back , as I had a note 3 at the time and it did both jobs well. Then just grew out of tablets.

Anyways, she wants something that's an 8" display, decent specs, decent screen.

I recommended the Kindle fire 8", but not really knowing much about it myself. I'm unsure if it's outdated or not.

Her partner's will use it for web browsing, videos and maybe a lite game or two. But I wouldn't just throw any low speed device his way.
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Well, having now recently become the proud owner of the exact same Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet myself (around the Black Friday/Cyber Monday longgggg Weekend!).

I can directly + genuinely say, that the Amazon Fire HD 8 that you were initially having in mind is spot on!. :-D

And the self-imposed Parental Control's via it, that I've set-up for myself, isn't half bad either?. :-)

Get one, and never look back ...
amazon fire is your best bet for around that price range
Thanks for the replies. Forgot I had even opened this post.

She went with a Samsung tab A 7", going against the numerous amounts I told her get a Kindle fire at £30 or get the 8 at 50...
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