tablet as htpc alternative

Looking for a tablet around £30 (otherwise will get a raspberry pi). The tablet must be capable of running HD TV, install and run a few streaming apps from Google play (like sky app ), steam from flash websites, steam from a pc. (maybe plex app)

Any suggestions?

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No point in a tablet, just get an android stick as you will get quite a bit more spec for the same money. I'm not sure what the best current one is but there is certainly plenty of choice.

First problem with a tablet as an htpc is there resolution on output. It will match the tablet screen and not upscale properly. I used to run my Transformer tf300 to my TV but the resolution bugged me enough for me to hook something better up to it.

I'm. Not sure on the current state of flask player with Android but is say an Android stick or box isn't going to be what you need.

Once I've got funds I'm going to build a low powered htpc myself and I'd suggest the same or hook up and old laptop like I have as they scale resolution better. Mine is even an old vga and audio jack set up and works much better than the tablet.

I would save money and invest in something better do cover you for the future a bit more.

You're much better off getting an Android box as mentioned above. For £30 you aren't going to get much and the Pi won't play flash from websites. It can handle XBMC pretty good though.
Android box capable of what you want go for about £40.

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oh, i thought Pi would handle flashing from a stream website...

Which Android stick do you recommend?
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