Tablet black Friday deals?

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Found 22nd Nov 2016
other Half Wants a Tablet for xmaS Just Windering If Anyone Knows Any Deals Coming Up For Black Friday?

AlsO On A Side NotE My phone kayboard Is putting A Captial Everytime I Take A Space Has Just Started Doing It But DOnt Know How To Get It TO stoP! ?


ha ha can't tell if this is a SeriOuS PoSt Or NoT

check tesco and currys they have the galaxy tab e and a respectively for a decent price and are available now.

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ha ha can't tell if this is a SeriOuS PoSt Or NoT

I know sorry couldn't be bothered fixing every capital letter though, will do it on pc at home

Capitalisation error. Looks for this in the link. I don't have an i-phone but assume you do.

words will try to capitalize every new word (after a space), which seems to be exactly what you're looking for.…app

Good luck - Sorry - Good Luck

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