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Please could someone explain whether a tablet's processor speed is relevant when looking at the specs and making comparisons with other tablets. For example, I found this tablet which ticks all my requirements but the 1.0Ghz is low?…394


the memory matters too. some have duel processors so 1ghz may be double

processor speed only matters when comparing processors of the same architecture.

i have that tablet, its fine for day to day use, streaming video, social media etc but struggles doing heavy multitasking. depends what you want to use it for

Different generations of cpu, with the same frequency can have wildly different performance levels, then you have single/double/quad and octa cores.

This makes picking a tablet extremely difficult; avoid no name brands and try to get a model from a known brand that has been on the market less than 2-3 years.

RAM and storage are secondary, cheapo makers will bung in extra RAM to try and make theirs look better value.

Get something that takes SD/mSD cards for extra storage.
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Memory is definately the important thing to check.

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Thanks all…tml

This list is a useful list to compare processors. It's not an exact science so closely ranked processors in the list will perform similarly but at some tasks one may be better than the other and vice versa. However the bigger the gap and the further towards the top you are the better it will be.

A lot of the comparison will hinge on optimisations so you can often get two machines by different companies that are hardware wise identical in the key components but actually both perform to different levels.

As others have said RAM is important, 1gb a minimum for Android, 2gb+ is better. 2gb is the bare minimum for windows tablet but it wont be particularly quick, 4gb is more of a recommended starting point.

Another point is looking at the screen as a lot of cost cutting is done by packing a poor screen in terms of image quality and resolution.

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Thanks again for the replies. Still confused about speed - would the difference between 1 and 1.3Ghz matter that much?

It would be used mainly to play Monster Legends!
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Thanks again for the replies. Still confused about speed - would the … Thanks again for the replies. Still confused about speed - would the difference between 1 and 1.3Ghz matter that much?

It's like asking whether you should go for a car with a 1.0l or 1.3l engine. A larger engine, all else being equal will have higher power but lower fuel efficiency but there are so many other factors affecting it that a specific 1.0l engine can easily be 50% better than a specific 1.3l engine.

A 1.3Ghz processor is 30% faster than an otherwise identical 1Ghz processor and uses up a bit more energy (how much depends on the design).

Or at least, it's 30% faster if both have sufficient cooling. It's common these days to set higher clockspeeds than can be sustained at the chip's nominal cooling level so that it's a bit faster for short operations. As such, it also depends on the individual device's cooling system.

Between that and the wide variation of processors it's effectively a meaningless number. If it's important look for real world benchmarks, ideally for that specific device.
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