Tablet + Stylus duo for children

Found 18th Nov 2017
Hi All,

As the title indicates, I am looking for a tablet with stylus that my children can use for their activities.

My children currently have an old iPad which they use, mostly, for watching videos. Moreover, they have physical colouring items which they have used to draw and make mess around the house.

Recently, I thought of replacing the iPad with a tablet that comes with a stylus so they can practice the colouring activities on the tablet in order to tackle the issue above. Details below:

Age of Children - Approx 2, 3.

Budget - £120

What do I seek - I have looked around the market, however, all the ones that come paired with a stylus are pretting expensive so I thought how about getting a tablet from a year or two old and pairing it with a 3rd party stylus. I have so far not been able to figure out whats available on the market. One suggestion I came across was to get a Google Nexus tablet and get a 3rd party stylus.

Please feel free to ask any question that will help you with assessing my situation.

Thank you

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Fire kids
Xboxgamer3211 h, 52 m ago

Fire kids

Thank you for the suggestion, however, it didn't support Google Play officially and it didn't have a stylus with it.
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