Tablet unlock help please

    I dropped my 8 year old sons 7" tablet a few months back and it stopped working. Somehow a friend of my older son decided to try and fix it this weekend and it now works.

    The problem is that my 8 year old had a design password on it which he has forgotten and we need to sign in via his google mail id. His sister knew his id as he had sent an email to her from it, but none of us knows the password he used.

    We reset the password on the la[top but as the tablet is not connected to the internet (cannot switch on wifi until screen unlocked) it has not updated.

    Any idea how we can get unlocked?

    Thank you all


    If you don't mind losing all data and indtaaled apps try entering  *#*#7780#*#*   - This code is used for factory restore setting.This will remove google account setting and System and application data and settings.

    hi what tablet is it? make / model

    You should be able to do a factory reset on the tablet which will mean you lose anything you haven't backed up but you will be able to use the tablet again.

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    thanks all

    its just an android tablet, no idea make or model (Ebay purchase) no markings on it and when switched on only comes up with android logo

    where would i enter the code? and if i enter that how much would i lose? i mean would it still be android or an empty base which would need all installations (sorry i am not technical at all)

    factory reset? is that the same as first post suggestion?

    thanks again

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    oh, if i was to connect the tablet to my laptop with usb would that make it have internet connect and reset/update the password?

    Take a pic and post it on here might be able to work out what model it is then I'm most cases you can boot to the reset screen by using a number combination of most phones it is holding the power button when turned off and the volume key either up or down depending on brand this then takes you to a screen which let's you select wipe

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    will install hukd on my mobile after school run and try to take and upload pic - need older sons help for this lol

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    with the tablets can't you hold down the volume button and power button at same time for like 30 secs and it enters a recovery mode? sure u can....

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    Thank you everyone

    not sure which one my son followed but managed to rest it all

    happy 8 year old

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    reset lol

    Good to hear
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