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Posted 28th Oct
Hey, everyone. I've noticed that there is a NSFW tag when uploading a deal, however, most of the time it seems to be applicable to women's underwear only. How do you feel about more risque deals on the site? Would you feel comfortable browsing or buying them? What's something you'd like to see a discount on?
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Curiosity here got me a silver

I’m not sure what’s taboo about NSFW deals

They are just of an adult nature and not suitable for under 18’s

Don’t have a problem sharing them, browsing them or buying them but wouldn’t do it at work.…257
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38814109-WB0Aw.jpgCan’t believe this stayed live for 20mins without the NSFW icon.

Werethe mods all at lunch @magicjay1986
consume28/10/2019 09:40

Comment deleted

NSFW is switched on for that deal. I've checked it and it is definitely showing the NSFW filter.
myusernamehasgone23428/10/2019 12:45

[Image] Can’t believe this stayed live for 20mins without the NSFW i …[Image] Can’t believe this stayed live for 20mins without the NSFW icon.Werethe mods all at lunch @magicjay1986

It had not been moderated quite yet (its really busy at the moment) but if the team had seen it they would have removed it right away. We see they've done that now and thanks for letting me know
consume28/10/2019 15:43

Comment deleted

I did check it earlier and i've just done it again but that thread has not been edited since 3rd October (I have access to full edit logs).

Is it possible your "Hide NSFW" filter has been switched off as this would make it visible for you? If not i'll need to investigate further.
consume28/10/2019 15:49

Comment deleted

It isn't about not trusting you. I have to ask questions to rule certain things out. That first thread you raised 100% had NSFW selected so we need to investigate why it was showing for you in search view.
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