Tagene Moroccon cooking pot wanted.

Looking for the best price for a Tagene.

Does anyone know much about these things? Can you get different sizes?

I have just borrowed a friends but the base does not really hold much. It is large enough to feed two people but I must say it creates possibly the tastiest food that I have ever cooked.

I would love one myself but have a large family. Can you get deep ones or are they all about the same size?


Not sure where you are, but they have a wide selection of sizes at a place called HOB on Clarence Dock in Leeds. There's a huge one that's ideal for families - sorry don't know the cost though. If you're no where near W.Yorkshire then maybe they will ship for you?! Hope it helps!


amazon hav e 3....they cost about £30 for a large one. What do you cook in them?

If you are anywhere near a TK Max they usually have a decent selection I've bought two, one small and one large The small was about a fiver from Middlesbrough and the large one was a tenner from Harrogate. Don't forget you'll need to use a heat diffuser if its a terracotta tagine and your using it on a gas hob, direct heat will crack it.

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Hi all, thanks for the replies.

I live in County Durham. The one I borrowed from a friend I used directly on an electric hob. I have no idea what it is made from. Hope I was not damaging it.

I cook anything I can get my hands on lol. Last night I did bacon, mince, sliced potatoes, sweetcorn, mango chillie, lemon juice, garlic and white pepper with a cup of beef stock. MMmmmm.
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