Tahini - Sesame Seed Paste - Where to Buy?

Found 10th Jan 2008
Tried Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and Lidl.....Might have missed it but can't find it anywhere.

Any pointers would be useful.


sainsburys do it :-)

Try Holland and Barrett. I'm sure they do it.

Sainsburys used to do it - it was in the specialist food section - however they've recently cut lots of these lines - so I'm not longer sure that they do .

H&B certainly sells it, as does my local Waitrose.

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thanks peoples, will try H&B or Sainsbury's the next time I pass that way! :thumbsup:

tesco do it. ask at customer services and they will take you to it. its hidden somewhere quite illogical, can't remember where.

H&B gets my vote as well - I buy it from there from time to time - lovely stuff !

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thanks people. I searched high and low in tesco before - I will ask next time. :thumbsup:

If you go to an Islamic grocery shop, you will probably find several different brands; that's where I buy Tahini for a good price. (Make sure before using the tahini that you shake the pot very good, otherwise you'll waste lots of it)

Have a look in a jewish store, i think they sell it as Tehina, my local tesco sell it.
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