Taiyo Yuden DVD-R Printable (white face)

    Looking for the above, best i can see is probably 100 pack @ SVP - £36.10 delivered.
    But think theres £5 off for Google checkout there so £31.10 delivered.

    Anyone beat this?

    Thanks All


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    Cheers deanos , saw those earlier, are they the same thing? What does shiny mean?
    Has anybody bought these from bigpockets before? Any coasters?!

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    Looking through bigpockets, some say 'duplication grade' , what does this mean?

    They seem to be too good to be true those at Bigpockets. If they ae what they say then that is one heck of a good price.

    One word of caution when you look at the Item Number: it says DATASAF024 (ie data safe)??

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    They seem to be too good to be true those at Bigpockets.

    Thats what I thought!

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    Anybody seen any New Year deals on these for me? Still not got any!
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