Take a Break Issue 37 - prizes Totalling £31,095

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Found 7th Sep 2012Made hot 8th Sep 2012
Please enter your answers to all competitions you wish to enter, tick the confirm box then click submit. You may enter as many or as few as you want. It's that easy!

These are my suggested answers.

Issue 37 page 5 20 X £50 4-Squared: TORE

Issue 37 page 5 20 X £50 Mega Snap: 21

Issue 37 page 12 Win £10,000 cash: FATHERS WERE TEACHERS

Issue 37 page 28 £250 Strike It Lucky: SUPPLEMENT

Issue 37 page 31 £3000 Big Bonanza: GALLOP

Issue 37 page 34 £2500 Big Relax: LAMINATED

Issue 37 page 38 £500 Code Breaker: PRESUME

Issue 37 page 40 £1500 in Shopping Vouchers: 791

Issue 37 page 40 5 X £100 Now 4 Something Different: NOVEMBER

Issue 37 page 42 £1000 Question Time: SEDAN

Issue 37 page 47 Holiday in New England: RECLINE

Issue 37 page 48 2 X £500 Oops, I Shrunk the Puzzle!: FORMER

Issue 37 page 51 £100 Starscope: PAUL GASCOIGNE

Issue 37 page 52 Supermarket Bet: CHOPS

Feel Free to Tick All The Boxes

Issue 37 page 60 Win It!:

A. 1 X BEKO Washing Machine & Navy Submarine Museum Tickets

B. 35 X Copies Of Wartime Farm

C. 10X Copies Of Intego Internet Security Barrier X6

D. 1X Sony LED HD TV 42in

E. 5X Poppy Cat Packs


Brilliant justjunie! Thanks

Thank you very much

Thank you.....................xxxxxxxxxxxxx

big thank you







Thank you, brilliant.



Thank you

Many Thanks x



Thank you

Thank you June

Great job, thanks June

Thank you

Many thanks June. Been trying to win the car on TAB for years Now its £10K Cash want to win more than ever. All the Best


Thanks a lot !

thank you

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