Take a Break Magazine Issue 37

Found 10th Sep 2010
Expirey Date - 27/09/2010

Expirey Date - 27/09/2010
Take a Break Issue 37



enter your answers to all competitions you wish to enter, tick the confirm box then click submit. You may enter as many or as few as you want. It's that easy!

page 3 25 X £50 4-Squared: - POET

page 3 25 X £50 Mega Snap: - 40

page 6 Win a Vauxhall Agila: - DELAYS

page 13 £3000 The Big Bonanza: - CHOIR

page 21 £2500 The Big Relax: - CEREMONY

page 28 £1500 in Shopping Vouchers: 474

page 30 5 X £100 Now 4 Something Different: - NEWSAGENT

page 30 31 Prizes Without Puzzles:

A - 5 x Braun Oral-B Power Toothbrushes
B - 25 x Chocolate gift boxes
C - 1 x Sony 46" HD TV

Feel free to try for them all!

page 34 £500 Code Breaker: - POLICED

page 40 £250 Strike It Lucky: - GIRLIE NIGHT

page 44 £1000 Arrow Word: - AMBITION

page 46 Win a Dream Holiday: - WERE BINGO CALLERS

page 49 Supermarket Bet: - PARSLEY

page 52 2 X £500 Oops, I Shrunk the Puzzle!: - RANTED

page 55 £100 Starscope: - RICHARD BRANSON

* * *
Page 13, The Big Bonanza - A choice of prizes up to the value of £3,000,
holidays, cash, shopping breaks, groceries,furniture etc.


page 46 - Win a Dream Holiday -

Luxury 10 day Norwegian Cruise - Based on 2 adults sharing a cabin & £500 towards expenses

Break for Six in Ireland (Cork)- Based on 6 people sharing 3 rooms, includes return flights & £500 towards expenses

Holiday for 4 in France - 5 nights in Nice staying at the Mercure Hotel Grimaldi - Based on 4 adults sharing 2 rooms, includes return flights & £1,000 towards meals, expenses

Trip to Canada - Based on 2 people sharing a room, includes return flights, accomodation throughout, use of car hire & £500, flying to Vancouver you'll spend 5 nights in the Metropolitan Hotel, from there to Banff for 2 nights in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Supermarket Bet - We give you 5 mins to run up & down the supermarket aisles (of your choice) we'll also ask you to guess how much you'll clock up at the till, guess within £50 either way & you get a bonus cheque of £250, guess £25 either way & you get a bonus £500,
you can nominate someone else to run on your behalf, you're allowed to grab any goods excluding cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol & other non-grocery items)
Good Luck.
Community Updates
Thanks for all the magazine answers. It's very considerate of you to put the time & effort in seeing as there are a few lazy ******* that resort to copying and pasting competitions that other people find on sites like MSE.
yep, have noticed pk, trouble is this and a few sites copy from mse & you'll never stop it as the mods or site owners don't seem to put a ruling on it, still get peeps p/copying mine word for word on a certain site but the site ownwers don't care, they know it's going on but then just choose to ignore it, there's also a few comp sites that peeps pay to join that copy/paste all the comps, don't suppose
at the end of the day you can't stop them, just hope one day their conscience gets the better of them, though i doubt it
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thank you
Thanks korky your hard work is much appreciated.
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thanks korkythekat.Your effort is appreciated.
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