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Found 3rd Nov 2017
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Are things like the above App, and/or the whole Crypto Currency (and/or BitCoin/OneCoin) thing good things to dabble in/dabble with? (for absolute newbie's like myself?), or ...

On a similar note to the above is a this too, are there any notable examples out there where fresh newbie's like myself have gone into such thing's and won?

I've been contemplating/considering, dabbling in this Market, somehow? (or at the very least, getting my toe wet?).

To be frank, I have no idea as to exactly what it is I'm actually asking here?

Is it advice?

Is it insight on where to start altogether?

Or perhaps about possible known/unknown inherent/potential pitfalls, or whatever?

Or what?

And/or a combination of allllll the above perhaps/even?, lol

I literally haven't the foggiest as of yet? :-)

So, where to begin, I guess is probably my most obvious question to you guy's perhaps? (and/or risk factor's, over possible profit factor's, etc etc etc basically?) :-)

Feel free to run riot on the source info's here please? (as such things don't just benefit myself, but that of anyone/everyone else, that then so decides to drop in upon this Discussion Thread ... )

Basically guy's, feel free to max this Thread out with alllll sorts, etc?, lol :-)

Thanx in advance guy's :-)
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Unless you are going to mine it it's just like any other currency/ bank account.
The positives are it's border free and anonymity.

I do remember when bitcoin mining was first a thing and I thought it was kind of dumb as it wasn't really supported as a currency by anyone. I mined for like a day then got annoyed by my PC always being on. The early adopters are rich and anyone getting into it now will turn a profit but not a fortune, as an investment it's just buying and selling like any other currency except the only thing backing it are that people are using it.

this made me hurmph
However, the banker revealed his daughter had bought bitcoin: “It went up and she thinks she’s a genius now.”
Teenagers often ask me how to make money out of bitcoin, ethereum or whatever new one has popped up over night they think is going to 1000x in value.

What puzzles me is why they think I would know

I probably should have paid more attention in the 00s, but I had more fun things to do with computers *sigh*
Monero is the only useful one due it being totally anonymous and untraceable unlike the rest. Though it’s not worth buying if you are interested in making a large profit.
Take a look at coinmarketcap.com and see what looks interesting and still cheap. I have had a punt on a couple with a few hundred quid. Mainly because I decided not to with Bitcoin, and if I had when I could, I'd now be a multi-millionaire.

Anything I put into crypto is money I am fully prepared to lose as I think that is a real possiblity as well.
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Thanx for all your above advice you guy's. :-)
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