Take E2save phones to Carphone for repair?


    There are many good clearance/refurbished offers going on at E2save and OnnStop. These phones also come with a 12 months guarantee

    I would like to know should anything go wrong with the clearance / refurbished handsets bought from these CPW group comapnies, can you take them along to your nearest Carphone shop for repair?

    Or do you need to send it back to E2save and Onestop?



    well they come packaged in CPW boxes, they are a CPw refurbished phone, so presumably that is where they should be sent/taken. failing that you will not have much hassle contacting the manufacturer direct.

    CPW will repair phones bought even from their rivals, i had a great deal from Phones4U, i had a slight software problem with the phone and CPW repaired it free of charge, as it was under warrenty.

    i think the real question is whether you can return the handset in the cpw branch within the peace of mind period.

    since sending it off regardless is going to cost you money. unless they are kind enough to send you a prepaid enevlope.

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